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As a leading ultrasonic humidifier Manufacturer & Supplier in the industry, Hincoo utilizes only the best materials present today on creating durable humidifiers that strictly comply with the stringent industry and global market.​

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Partnered with many industrial businesses from around the globe, Hincoo has had a reputation of being one of the best humidifier suppliers for many years. We have a reputation for delivering exceptional products that aid the personal service and health requirements of all applications. We create our humidifiers to match both custom and standard applications that administer results as expected to the intended material and application.

Our customers and clients have trusted us for years due to our efficient response to their demands, quality requirements, and our very expertise in the field of humidifier manufacturing and engineering.

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We have a 24/7 online customer support team, helping you solve any problem with our products.

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Hincoo operates globally. We cover different regions from the USA, Europe, Asia, and more.


Hincoo Appliances Manufacturer & Supplier has over a decade of field expertise and experience.

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The company innovates to both custom and conventional demands creating cost-saving.


Product Warranty applies to all products under Hincoo humidifier Manufacturer for risk-free purchases

Hincoo humidifiers ADVANTAGES

እርጥበት አድራጊዎች በተለያዩ መንገዶች እርጥበትን ወደ አየር ይጨምራሉ እና በተለያዩ ጥቅሞች እና ጉዳቶች በበርካታ ዓይነቶች ይገኛሉ. ቀዝቃዛ ጭጋግ እርጥበት አድራጊዎች በክፍሉ ውስጥ ያለውን የሙቀት መጠን በመበተን እና በአጠቃላይ ትላልቅ ቦታዎችን ይሸፍናሉ እና ከሌሎች ዓይነቶች ያነሰ የኤሌክትሪክ ኃይል ይጠቀማሉ.. ሙቅ ጭጋግ እርጥበት አድራጊዎች ውሃውን ለማሞቅ እና ወደ ክፍልዎ እንዲሞቁ ለማሞቂያ ኤለመንት ይጠቀማሉ, ምቹ እርጥበት. They may slightly use more electricity than other types of humidifiers because they heat water to boiling. But the boiling process kills germs and impurities before they can be released into your room.

Maximum Comfort with Minimal Effort

This intuitive humidifier boasts an automatic humidity monitoring system that makes it ideal for your body and your home, with a 360° nozzle keeping entire rooms at optimal humidity levels for up to 30 hours straight.

Nightlight & Sleep Mode

Choose to turn on the light or enter sleep mode to shut off the LED screen for a discreet sleep during nighttime.

Auto Shut Down
Whisper Quiet

Our vaporizer humidifier automatically shuts down when it’s out of water. It can help prevent damage to the unit and keeps you protected. Our humidifiers for home are nearly silent, making them suitable for baby rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere else you want peace.

Top Fill Humidifier

መሙላት ቀላል ሆኖ አያውቅም! በቀላሉ በንጥሉ አናት ላይ ባለው ትንሽ ማስገቢያ ውስጥ ውሃ አፍስሱ. እርጥበት ማድረቂያን ለማጽዳት, ሽፋኑን ያስወግዱ እና ባዶውን ታንከሩን በእርጥብ ጨርቅ ይጥረጉ.

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Author Mom

ዩናይትድ ስቴተት

Since we live in the mountains with very low humidity, we always have a humidifier going in our bedrooms at night. I LOVE this humidifier. It is so quiet you don’t even know it’s on. I empty it each day and refill it at night and it is easy to do. I like the fact that you can add on the long wand attachment so that you can direct the mist exactly where you want.

Samantha K Smith

ዩናይትድ ስቴተት

ያለ ትንሽ ጫጫታ ቀዝቃዛ ለስላሳ ጭጋግ ያቀርባል. መቼ ታላቅ የደንበኛ ድጋፍ, በምርቱ ምንም ስህተት, ጎበዝ ገዢ ከፕላስቲክ ቱቦዎች አንዱን ሰበረ. ምትክ ክፍል ለመግዛት ስሞክር, Hincoo የደንበኞች አገልግሎት ያለ ምንም ወጪ ሌላ ላከ. እንደዚህ አይነት ህክምና የተደረገልኝ አይመስለኝም።, በተለይ ጉዳቱ በደንበኞች አላግባብ መጠቀም ምክንያት ብቻ ነው።. የላቀ!


ዩናይትድ ስቴተት

Compared to the other brand bottom-fill humidifier we have, this one is much easier to fill and clean. በተጨማሪም እጅግ በጣም ጸጥ ያለ ነው, ወደ ከፍተኛው ቀይሬዋለሁ እና እየሮጠ እንደሆነ አልተሰማኝም።. And love the extension tube. ከድሮው እርጥበት ማድረቂያ ጋር, we used to wake up with a dry nose and throat in winter and found there was a wet area on our mattress. The extension tube can let wet air spread in the room more evenly.


ነፃ ጥቅስ ያግኙ

ስለተገናኙት እናመሰግናለን. መልሰን እናስገባችኋለን። 24 ሰዓታት.

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