Heavy-Duty DC Rotary Hammer design to operate with powerful motor. efficient drilling capacity range. and ergonomic design maximizing output potential as well as safety for the users.

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Heavy-Duty DC Rotary Hammer design to operate with powerful motor. efficient drilling capacity range. and ergonomic design maximizing output potential as well as safety for the users.


Hincoo Advantage

Hincoo Home Appliances Workforce

HINCOO humidifiers suppliers are taking care of the training of employees and administrators. Thus, making a concerted effort for our bright future. HINCOO cool-mist humidifier set up by the professional R&D team and has been cooperating with many customers of OEM/ODM/DIY mold.

Hincoo Humidifier Quality Assurance

To achieve quality humidifiers, Hincoo appliances implement strict quality inspection and testing. All procedures were made under the certified roof of the company’s facility. Hincoo is also equipped with advanced inspection equipment and testing rooms that accurately tell our professionals where our products, and best health stand. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard passer. These standards are where we imagine our operation too.

Hincoo - A reliable humidifier supplier

Tons of Humidifiers Suppliers have been rising due to the exponential growth in demand for humidifiers over time. Hincoo Humidifier is one of the biggest names there is. Thousands of satisfied customers and clients testify that our products are above conventional products and are of the highest level when it comes to comfort and durability. We provide humidifiers that can be of use to many applications including larger rooms, bedrooms, for babies, plants, and many more.

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Since 2009

Production Capacity

1,500,000 pcs








12 months

Frequent Questions

1. Moisturize Your Skin and Lips
2. Protect Your Throat
3. Soothe Your Sinuses
4. Halt the Spread of Flu Germs
5. Ease Symptoms of Illness
6. Keep Your Cilium Healthy
7. Reduce Snoring
8. Help Warm Your Home
9. Humidify Houseplants
10. Protect Your Furniture & Floors

Humidifier not working
Humidifier not producing mist
Humidifier is leaking
White Dust coming from a humidifier
Bad odor from the humidifier

Hincoo has more than 6 years of design and produce humidifiers. All above common humidifier problems, we have many experiences do deal with. Our engineers have solve those problem by FMEA fundamentally.

Having the right humidity level in your home can help you breathe easier, temporarily relieving coughs and congestion. Moisture in the air can also help temporarily relieve dry skin, dry eyes, and chapped lips. Proper humidity has important benefits for your whole house as well, including helping to prevent gaps in hardwood floors, cracks in wooden furniture, and static electricity that can harm electronics.
Ultrasonic humidifiers are available in both cool and warm mist types and are known as the quietest humidifiers on the market.

Humidifiers add moisture to the air in different ways and are available in multiple types with varying benefits and drawbacks. Cool mist humidifiers disperse a room-temperature mist and generally cover larger areas and use less electricity than other types.Warm mist humidifiers use a heating element to heat the water and release it into your room as warm, comfortable moisture. They may use slightly more electricity than other types of humidifiers because they heat water to boiling, but the boiling process kills germs and impurities before they can be released into your room.

Why Choose Hincoo

High Quality

Materials used by Hincoo are handpicked resulting in premium grade warm mist humidifiers. All products are crafted inside the company’s ISO Certified facility

Competitive price

Using advanced techniques and technology, Hincoo cost-saving manufacturing practices create large capacity humidifiers that are of the highest quality and make them available at a competitive price in the market

Trusted Manufacturer

The company is a trusted humidifier manufacturer and supplier for over decades. Our products have reached more than 30 countries across the globe.

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