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Hincoo is certified under the international Quality Management Standards of ISO 9001:2015, as well as a high-tech enterprise.


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We have received several awards for excellent quality, and more than 200 SKUs for your choice. ڪان وڌيڪ 10 new items each year.


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We have received a number of awards for excellence quality, and more than 200 SKUs for your choice. ڪان وڌيڪ 10 new items each year.


Large Ultrasonic Humidifier

Over 5.5Gal large capacity that lasts for ten (10) hours of working time at one top fill. The 2000mL/h high moisture output is designed to humidify spaces up to 2000 sq. ft. This large capacity humidifier won't need any replacement filters.​

Warm Mist Humidifier

Warm-mist and cool-mist humidifiers are equally effective in humidifying the air. When the time the water vapor reaches your child's lower airways, the temperature is still the same regardless of whether it started warm or cool.​

خوشبو وسائيندڙ

An essential oil diffuser is also known as an aromatherapy diffuser. It disperses essential oils into the air and fills the area with a natural fragrance. One of the best-known uses for essential oils is their ability to assist you in unwinding after a tough day.

Our Features and Advantages

Hincoo is a professional humidifier manufacturer in China with six (6) years of experience in humidifier manufacturing. Mr. Zhang and Mr. Watt are the company’s co-founders. Mr. Zhang is the company’s chief designer, who is knowledgeable and understands the principle of ultrasonic humidifier. Mr. Watt is a double has E background and a top Software designer who joined Hincoo as a team leader.
اسان پنهنجي گراهڪن کي پيش ڪندا آهيون 24/7 Online Customer Support to cater to requests and concerns from clients around the globe. As a leading Humidifiers Manufacturer, اسان ان کي ڪنهن به وقت توهان جي ڪالن جو جواب ڏيڻ جي ذميواري طور وٺون ٿا, ڪٿي به.

About Hincoo

Hincoo Appliances is a professional humidifier manufacturer in China that specializes in designing and manufacturing home appliances since 2016 and that includes designing for a larger rooms. Hincoo’s main product is ultrasonic humidifiers with different capacities and industrial designs. These humidifiers meet CE/EMC/KC/UL standards, over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents). Our company also has its standardized plant and production lines with 80-100 ماهر مزدور.

The suppliers of Hincoo humidifiers are taking care of the training of employees and its distributors, thus making a concerted effort for a brighter future. There are some high-quality humidifier factories, and Hincoo is one of them. While having business with Hincoo, there is a sole agent policy for most of our new items in the special market, which makes it easy to sell and less competitive for our clients. Cooperate with us to make your business profitable.

For long cooperated customers, we need to keep the good price competitive with cost-effective quality products; a big brand is too expensive, which makes it not that profitable; if with poor-quality cheap products, which makes it hard to keep member retention. So Hincoo needs a balance between price, quality, and brand.

Our quality can compete with a high-end big brand. We have a huge market share in the Japanese market and Korean market, وغيره. Meanwhile, we are much more affordable and cost-effective than international big brands. Hincoo people will keep doing the best service for everyone. To provide customers with quality products and good service is our mission.

Hincoo welcomes customers all over the world to cooperate with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



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لاءِ 20 Years, We Have Been Creating Customized Humidifier Manufacturing Solution

ڪان وڌيڪ 98.5% گراهڪن مان اسان جي پروڊڪٽس جي ساراهه ۽ وڌيڪ 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend Hincoo over time.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers rely on a highly efficient technology that expels tiny water droplets into the air that evaporate into water vapor, humidifying the space. Traditional humidifiers use heat or other methods to evaporate the water inside the unit and then expel the vapor into the air.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are also quieter and have lower maintenance than traditional evaporative humidifiers. With ultrasonic units, you never have to replace filters or wicks, and there’s no risk of steam burns. Because they don’t work to convert water to mist, ultrasonic humidifiers also consume less electricity.

Hincoo Humidifier

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Do you have questions with HINCOO humidifiers? Can’t find the right humidifiers you need? اسان جي ماهرن کي انهي سان توهان جي مدد ڪرڻ ڏيو.

اسان جا گراهڪ سوال

1. توهان جي چمڙي ۽ لب کي نمي ڪريو
2. پنھنجي گلي جي حفاظت ڪريو
3. پنھنجي سينوس کي آرام ڪريو
4. فلو جي جراثيم جي پکيڙ کي روڪيو
5. بيماريءَ جون علامتون آسان
6. پنهنجي Cilium کي صحتمند رکو
7. Snoring گھٽائڻ
8. پنھنجي گھر کي گرم ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪريو
9. گھر جي ٻوٽن کي نمي ڪرڻ
10. پنھنجي فرنيچر جي حفاظت ڪريو & فرش

Humidifiers use a range of mechanisms to force extra moisture into the air, increasing its humidity.
An evaporative humidifier employs a fan to run air through a damp filter soaked in a reservoir of water. As the dry air passes through, some of the water evaporates, adding moisture to the air. A steam humidifier, meanwhile, boils water, releasing hot steam.

Finally, inside an ultrasonic humidifier, a diaphragm vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies converts liquid water into tiny droplets, producing a cool mist. Using a humidifier can reduce the symptoms of respiratory conditions or dry skin.

Humidifier ڪم نه ڪري رهيو آهي
Humidifier دوبد نه پيدا ڪري
Humidifier لڪي رهيو آهي
اڇو مٽي هڪ humidifier مان اچڻ
humidifier مان خراب بو
Hincoo کان وڌيڪ آهي 6 years of design and produces humidifiers. سڀ کان مٿي عام humidifier مسئلا, اسان وٽ ڪيترائي تجربا آھن جيڪي ڊيل ڪندا آھن. Our engineers have solved those problem by FMEA fundamentally.

Most people think of humidifiers as straightforward – they add moisture to your air, right? However, here’s something you may not know: this moisture can provide a range of benefits to you and your home. What’s more, you can humidify year-round to take advantage of the natural benefits of moisture. Humidifying isn’t just for colder months!

Here are just a few of the benefits of humidifying.
Humidifying can help you feel better: Helps promote better sleep. By helping your nose and throat stay hydrated, a humidifier can help you breathe more easily at night and sleep more comfortably.

Helps temporarily relieve dry skin: Chapped lips and dry, itchy skin and eyes can all be aided by the moisture of a humidifier. This moisture can be especially helpful for those with sensitive skin, such as babies, young children, and people with skin conditions such as eczema.

Helps temporarily relieve congestion from colds or allergies: Coughing, sinus irritation and congestion can all be temporarily relieved by increasing your room’s humidity. Keeping your nasal passages and throat well hydrated may help if you have a cold or are suffering from allergies.

Help reduce survival of flu viruses: Here’s a great preventative benefit of humidifying: studies show that keeping your indoor air at a relative humidity of 40 to 60% reduces the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air, compared to lower relative humidity levels.

Humidifiers مختلف طريقن سان هوا ۾ نمي شامل ڪن ٿا ۽ مختلف فائدن ۽ نقصانن سان گڏ ڪيترن ئي قسمن ۾ موجود آهن..

Cool mist humidifiers disperse a room-temperature mist and generally cover larger areas and use less electricity than other types.

Warm mist humidifiers use a heating element to heat the water and release it into your room as warm, آرامده نمي. اهي ٻين قسمن جي humidifiers جي ڀيٽ ۾ ٿورڙي وڌيڪ بجلي استعمال ڪري سگھن ٿا ڇو ته اهي پاڻي کي گرم ڪرڻ لاء گرم ڪن ٿا, پر اُبلندڙ عمل جراثيم ۽ نجاست کي ماري ڇڏيندو آهي ان کان اڳ جو اهي توهان جي ڪمري ۾ ڇڏيا وڃن.

الٽراسونڪ humidifiers ٻنهي ٿڌي ۽ گرم مٽيءَ جي قسمن ۾ موجود آهن ۽ مارڪيٽ تي خاموش ترين humidifiers طور سڃاتل آهن..

توهان جي گهر ۾ صحيح نمي جي سطح حاصل ڪرڻ توهان کي آسانيء سان سانس ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪري سگهي ٿي, عارضي طور تي کنگهه ۽ ڪنجشن کي ختم ڪرڻ. هوا ۾ نمي پڻ مدد ڪري سگهي ٿي عارضي طور تي خشڪ چمڙي کي رليف ڪرڻ ۾, سڪل اکيون, ۽ چپ ٿيل چپ. مناسب نمي توهان جي سڄي گهر لاء اهم فائدا آهن, سخت ڪاٺ جي فرش ۾ خال کي روڪڻ ۾ مدد سميت, ڪاٺ جي فرنيچر ۾ ٽڪر, ۽ جامد بجلي جيڪا اليڪٽرانڪس کي نقصان پهچائي سگھي ٿي.

Your houseplants. Even with all the love in the world, sometimes they just won’t flourish. But don’t start feeling bad about your green thumb. Simply getting the right humidity level in your home can help your plants thrive – and with significant benefits for you, too.

How does relative humidity affect houseplants?
Low relative humidity, not high, is often the culprit when it comes to humidity-perpetrated houseplant harm. This is because most plants don’t like dry environments, i.e., environments with low relative humidity.

When RH is low (say, on a cold day), the air is dry and lacks moisture. As a result, the air will start drawing moisture out of stuff – like your houseplants.
Now technically, the “drawing-out of moisture” is good for plants. When plants transpire, they release moisture at their leaves, in the form of evaporation. Transpiring is what allows the plant to use the food and water you’ve dutifully provided for them, good plant-parent that you are.

The problem is, low RH will make your plants dry out – they’ll release moisture faster than you can replenish it. Even if you water your houseplants more frequently on cold, dry days, the leaves on a humidity-sensitive plant can start to turn brown and crisp. Enough water just can’t reach the leaves to counteract the rate of moisture loss.

Proper humidity, happy plants
With the right humidity level, your plants can transpire normally, i.e., not lose too much moisture. They will start to thrive!

Humidifiers and diffusers are often confused, as the products can look similar on the outside or have similar functions. But there are several important differences between these technologies. Check out the comparison below to see whether a humidifier, diffuser or both may best fit your needs.

Humidifer Purpose: Adds moisture to the air
Diffuser Purpose: Adds fragrance to the room

Humidifer Benefit: Relieves dry air discomforts, like dry skin, scratchy throat and stuffy nose
Diffuser Benefit:Provides aromatherapy, without increasing room humidity

Humidifer Method: Uses water to raise humidity level in room
Diffuser Method: Uses water to disperse essential oil into air

Humidifer Size: Tank usually holds at least a half-gallon of water
Diffuser Size: Reservoir usually holds less than a cup of water

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Experience the difference of HINCOO’s ergonomic designed Humidifiers. حاصل ڪريو مفت آرڊر ڪوٽا هاڻي!

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