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Hincoo HumidifierHINCOO Appliances Co., لميٽيڊ. is a humidifier supplier focusing on home appliance products since 2016. The main product is ultrasonic humidifiers and aroma diffuser, humidifiers وڏو ڪمرو, ڪمري لاء humidifiers, etc., گراهڪن کي اعلي معيار جي پيداوار devoting, سي بي سان, عيسوي, ROHS, BSCI سرٽيفڪيشن جي منظوري ڏني. اڃان تائين, our company has its standardized plant and two production lines with 80-100skillful workers.

Hincoo welcomes customers all over the world to cooperate with us. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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