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HINCOO Appliances Co., Ltd. is a humidifier supplier focusing on home appliance products since 2016. The main product is ultrasonic humidifiers and aroma diffuser, humidifiers large room, humidifiers for bedroom, etc., devoting the high-quality product to customers, with CB, CE, ROHS, BSCI certification approved. So far, our company has its standardized plant and two production lines with 80-100skillful workers.

Hincoo welcomes customers all over the world to cooperate with us. Do not hesitate to contact us.



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Hincoo Home Appliances Workforce

HINCOO humidifiers suppliers are taking care of the training of employees and administrators, and making a concerted effort for our bright future. HINCOO’s cool-mist humidifier is set up by the professional R&D team and has been cooperating with many customers of OEM/ODM/DIY mold.

At present, we have established an international sales network and attend the Canton fair & Hongkong fair each year. We exported to the global world which includes Europe, North America, 亞洲, South Africa, the Middle East, ETC. All the HINCOO people will keep doing the best and service the best for every customer. To provide customers with quality products and services is our mission.

HINCOO welcomes customers all over the world to cooperate with us. Do not hesitate to contact us if you any interested!

Hincoo Humidifier Quality Assurance

To achieve quality humidifiers, Hincoo appliances implement strict quality inspection and testing. All procedures are made under the certified roof of the company’s facility. Hincoo is equipped with advanced inspection equipment and testing rooms that accurately tell our professionals where our products, and best health stand. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard passer. These standards are where we imagine our operation to be.


Expand production capacity

2022 will be another important milestone in Hincoo’s history, with the sales volume increasing dramatically, and Hincoo’s expanding the production capacity to 1,500,000 pcs yearly. Customer orders are most welcome and we can deliver the humidifiers to you on time. Meanwhile, it’s has the most competitive prices in the market with reliable quality.



10m Dollars Investment

The market share of Hincoo’s humidifier had increased rapidly. Along with the success of the project, Hincoo has invested up to USD10,000,000 in research and design. Hincoo always made sure to look for ways to satisfy our clients with excellent products.



No. 1 market share in Korea

Hincoo humidifier was the most sought product in the Korean market. We cooperated with many well-known brands in Korea, such as AIRMADE, DAEWOO, WESTINGHOUSE, CUCKOO, DEERNA MAMOS, NEXOVER, ETC. Hincoo appliances successfully become the first choice of humidifier supplier in Korea.



100 Clients Milestone

To produce high-end quality humidifiers, Hincoo cooperated with many well-known industrial designers. There are a bunch of humidifiers with elegant new designs available for customerschoice. With CB, CE, ROHS, and BSCI certification approved, Hincoo humidifiers immediately sell to Japan, Korea, 歐洲, America, ETC. We obtained more than 100 clients from all around the world.



1,000,000 pcs humidifiers Milestore

Hincoo always pursues outstanding quality, excellent customer service, rapid delivery, and innovation. With this, Hincoo had sold and shipped a total of 1,000,000 humidifiers to different customersworldwide.



Improve quality year

Hincoo appliances has certified with ISO9000.
Continous and consistent quality is a must pre-requisite for all the Quality Management Systems. Quality improvement is a recurring process and should be repeated at regular intervals. It is an ongoing process, not a one-time effort, and lasts the life of an enterprise.



Hincoo Appliaces expand new business

Hincoo appliances expand its business thru humidifiers based on research of rising respiratory and other health problems due to constant exposure to dry air, especially during the winter months propels the adoption of air humidifiers.



Hincoo Founded

Mr.Zhang and Mr.Watt are the company co-founder. Mr.Zhang is the company’s Chief Designer, who is knowledgeable and understands the true principles of industrial design. Mr.Watt, on the other hand, has double E background and was also a top Software designer.


Why Choose Us

Over time, tons of Humidifier Suppliers have risen due to the exponential growth in demand for humidifiers. Hincoo Humidifier is one of the biggest names there is. Thousands of satisfied customers and clients testify that our products are above conventional humidifiers and are of the highest level when it comes to comfort and durability. We provide humidifiers that can be of use to many applications including for larger rooms, 臥室, for babies, plants, and many more.

Leading Professionals

Manned with industry-leading engineers and professionals.

Low Cost

Hincoo Appliances uses cutting-edge technology allowing low-cost production for affordable products.

Trusted Company

Hincoo Appliances has partnered with many known clients. And over the years, the numbers won’t stop.

High Quality

The company uses top-notch, hand-picked materials to deliver the best humidifiers today.

Reliable Service

24/7 Online Customer Support – have your concerns attended to by our sales and support professionals.


The company’s expertise has been taken advantage of by the global market for over a decade now. Our existence and continuous growth are what validate our services and products.

Meet The Team​

Meet our experts behind the success of the company. Each individual has their fair share of what Hincoo Appliances stands for today.

Sales team

10+ sales

More than 200 SKUs for your choice. The main market covers America, Japan, Korea, 歐洲, Russia, ETC.

R&D team

20+ Engineers

Total R&D investment over USD 10,000,000. There are more than 10 new items that come to market yearly.

QA team

20+ Employees

12 months Warranty. We have received 600+ repeat orders with our reliable quality assurance.


200+ Employees

200+ skillfully employees
8000+ Square meters of plant
1,500,000PCS humidifiers capacity per year




因為我們住在濕度很低的山區, 我們晚上總是在臥室裡放一個加濕器. 我喜歡這個加濕器. 它是如此安靜,你甚至不知道它在. 我每天清空它,晚上再裝滿,這很容易做到. 我喜歡這樣一個事實,你可以添加長魔杖附件,這樣你就可以將霧氣準確地引導到你想要的地方.


United States​

提供涼爽溫和的霧氣,沒有一點噪音. 偉大的客戶支持時, 通過非產品故障, 笨拙的買家弄壞了其中一根塑料管. 當我試圖購買替換零件時, 欣酷客服又免費送了一個. 我認為我從來沒有受到過如此好的對待, 特別是當損壞完全是由於客戶誤用時. 傑出的!


United States​

與我們擁有的其他品牌底部填充加濕器相比, 這個更容易填充和清潔. 也超級安靜, 我把它調到最大,但感覺不到它在運轉. And definitely love the extension tube. 用舊加濕器, 我們曾經在冬天醒來時鼻子和喉嚨乾燥,發現我們的床墊上有一塊潮濕的地方. 加長管可以讓濕空氣在房間內擴散得更均勻. Haven’t tried the essential oil yet:)


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